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February 24th, 25th, and 26th 2012

Tim's Queets River steelhead

The Olympic Peninsula Steelhead Flyfishing: Fabled waters in a fabled land. Much has been written about the coastal area and fishing, in Washington's last frontier. Many fly anglers consider the Queets River Rain simply the finest steelhead flyfishing river on the coast. Why? First of all, The Queets lies within the Olympic National Park. 500 year old Sitka Spruce and monster Doug fir will remind you this land is held in preserve. Along with it's Pacific Ocean beaches, wildlife such as the Roosevelt Elk to American bald eagle there is nothing mundane about the Queets River watershed.

Why the Queets late winter steelhead?

The wild steelhead of the Queets River become the epitome of this timeless land. These late winter native steelhead can exceed thirty pounds. Twelve to twenty pound fish are a daily occurrence amongst Dickson anglers. The Olympic Peninsula's Queets River has something for everyone .

What makes the Queets River a flyfishing Mecca?

There are many Olympic Peninsula steelhead rivers. Sadly, there is only a couple of these streams that swing the fly in traditional manner coupled with a regulated mandatory wild steelhead release. The lovely Queets fishing will remind you of what the Skagit River must have been like 50 years ago.This Olympic National Park's river simply has the best flywater coupled with the most wild winter steelhead, in the region.

Regulations: There is no bait fishing allowed nor is there a steehead sport kill fishery within the Queets drainage. Many sport anglers gravitate to streams where they can kill them. Also it requires a special permit to guide so many guides don't take the time or extra money to do it. That leaves you and me and the steelhead. Tuff gig, huh? Queets River steelhead, fresh from the ocean are both large and aggressive to the fly, exactly where you want to find that steelhead of your dreams.

It takes bodies: Modest winter/spring steelhead numbers estimate a population of over twice that of the yearly return of the very popular Skagit River. Bottom line:If you fish the right waters with good swing technique, you will probably swim one. That is where we come in.

Dickson Flyfishing is a Fly-Only instructional fly fishing service, permitted to conduct a commercial instructional service on the Queets River. We are so thrilled to show it to you!

The Flyfishing School

Students will learn the key elements of defining a flyfishing steelhead pool. Dickson instructors will point out the waters that have consistently held fish year in and year out, each year.

Anglers are taught steelhead migratory patterns, holding waters, including what constitutes a "High Water Lie" and how to catch steelhead when everyone else is saying the river is "Out."

Students will be able to fine tune or learn their casting skills with both single and double handed rods. Dickson instructors will demonstrate their highly effective Yancy Multi-tip flyline system, while you learn not only, what flylines to fish, but how to present the fly in the "Grease line Steelhead Swing." Low & Slow line presentation is the emphasized over and again.

"Steelhead always take fly hard" is a myth. Learn why, and how to catch the soft taking steelhead in "Steelhead Simulation." A revolutional approach to cold water steelhead. All included in your class.

Anglers will learn the simple knots that cover everything from replacing a tippet to constructing a steelhead leader. Dickson instructors will demonstrate many of their deadliest winter steelheading patterns including, the Bunny Intruder and the fabled Cop Car. You have always wanted to catch a large ocean bright steelhead. Here is your chance.

One day class: approximately 8-10 hours on the water.

February 25, 26 or 27, March 19 - 2012

Lecture Notes provided:
Single Day: $150 /angler

Float trip: Large rafts

Stream-side Lunch Flies & equipment provided

Itinerary including hotel recommendations upon booking confirmation.

Best of fishing

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