Gift Certificates

Contact us or pay for a trip below and let us know in a message that the trip is a Gift. This page is being worked on right now and doesn't have the buy now button made. The person getting the gift can use it towards any of the trips we offer and twords and of the equiptment in our fly shop at We will then send you a certificate you can print and give.

Instead of paying online you can pay with a check or money order to:
For Mike: Dickson Fly fishing 5817 Circle bluff dr. Arlington, wa 98223
For Dennis: Dickson Fly fishing P.O. Box 295 Arlington, wa 98223

View Contract Obligations at the bottom of the page. All dates must be confirmed by Dickson Fly fishing before booking any school date or guide trip. Dennis 425-238-3537 or Mike 330-435-9506
Now you can book your trip online with Paypal! *(Of course you can always pay by check, if you prefer) Some specialty trips have different prices, you can also just send money using paypal. About PayPal


Wader rental

Rod rental

Dickson Flyfishing Hat

Local Daily Guide Trips ** (Olympic Peninsula and Methow Trips have different prices) Local Half day trip deposits are paid in full.

Pink Salmon local Group Trip - paid in full: $150.00

Local trip 1 or 2 anglers: Deposit - 50% of trip: $175.00

Local trip 1 or 2 anglers: paid in full: $350.00

Local trip 3 anglers: Deposit - 50% of trip: $225.00

Local 3 anglers: trip paid in full: $450.00

O.P. Trip or Methow One or two anglers: Deposit - 50% of trip: $200.00

O.P. Trip or Methow 1 or 2 anglers: Deposit trip paid in full: $399.00

O.P. Trip or Methow 3 anglers: Deposit - 50% of trip: $250.00
O.P. or Methow Trip 3 anglers: Deposit trip paid in full: $499.00

Group rates: Check with us but most groups 3 and over Are $150 per person. If you want to set up a custom school we can do that too.

Schools: Groups up to six organized by us (or you can organize your own group) with a maximum of 3 anglers per guide. Most schools involve a full day river float.

School deposit paid in full - Per angler: $150

5 Hour School deposit paid in full - Per angler: $125

Grande Ronde Campouts
A deposit is required to hold the date but Grande Ronde trips are to be paid in full 45 days before the expedition date. Please read the contract below.

Three day 6 angler group - per angler paid in full $599

Three day camp out/6 angler group - per angler 50% deposit $300

Mexico, Puerto Rico And Caribbean trips
We do them yearly usually in the winter/spring. This year is Tarpon in Puerto Rico in Feb. Inquire about dates and availability. Fish we focus on are Tarpon, bonefish, snook, permit, Jacks and etc. let's set something up!

E-mail Dennis at ,or phone at 425-238-3537

E-mail Mike at ,or phone at 425-330-9506
copyright 2006, Dickson Fly Fishing

Contract: For scheduling issues we are understanding and fair but please remember this is a business and lively hood.

As an angling client I agree that:

1) Confirmed Guide trip dates are held by a 50% deposit per angler or full payment. Schools are prepaid. All contracted monies are redeemable for a full calendar year under the following restrictions: A total refund minus a $35 service fee will be charged for all trips & schools after the first 48 hours of purchase. (A) Refunds are not available within 14 days for Local Washington State trips. Grande Ronde trips are to be paid in full 45 days before the expedition date. If a angler can't make it the angler is responsible for his/her replacement outside the grace period, or forfeit the monies. If the client needs to reschedule before the 14 days of the local trip or 45 days for a non-local trip (G.R.), most of the time we keep the deposit for a different fishing trip within the calendar year or refund the $. If the client is within the 14/45 days it is up to the guide to allow the deposit to be used for a different trip. (Some good dates just can't be rebooked in time to make them up)

2) I understand Dickson Fly fishing will confirm the date availability and that only my deposit will hold my date.

3) Should, in the guides decision, the waters become unfishable, prior to the outing the angler has the full refund option of: a) aborting the trip, the check is destroyed or Paypal is credited. b) monies can become a deposit for a future agreed upon trip at angler's discretion.

4) Should I the angler organize a group outing. I am advised to have each member send their own deposit/money or I will collect payments from each member, before the excursion. (Schools are prepaid) If I send a guide trip deposit for more anglers than myself, I am responsible for the each angler deposit, should that angler not attend.