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Flyfishing Program

Beginners Welcome!

This successful program has taught thousands of budding fly anglers over the past 23 years years.
Dennis Dickson & son Mike teach 300-500 anglers each year the exciting sport of flyfishing!

Flyfishing made easy

The Flyfishing Program consists of 2 main components -

  • Casting Basics (It is recommended that students take the Casting Basics first, then the Flyfishing Schools.)
  • Dickson Flyfishing schools - A Lakes Class and River Classes

Casting Basics: 2.5 hour
Equipment provided *(Arlington, see map)


Dickson Flyfishing Schools

Year round instruction on Washington's blue ribbon streams & lakes. (Casting class recommended first)

Lakes Class: 4 hour instruction
On the water flyfishing & strategy
Boats & equipment provided

Lakes Class: 2 hour clinic
Flyfishing Lakes Strategy -Find where trout live in lakes & how to catch them.

River Classes: 4 hour instruction
Introduction to: Trout/Steelhead/Salmon
On the water flyfishing & strategy

flyfishing made easy

Dennis Dickson, Biologist/Guide

E-mail Dennis at or phone at (425) 238-3537

E-mail Dennis at or phone at (425) 238-3537

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