4hr River Float Class

Half day 4 + hour Fly fishing class. If you bought a voucher you can sign up for any of the classes.

Sign up and dates - click here As classes fill up we will add more!
You can sign up for any of the classes that have availability.

We charge $125 pp, If you would like to join one of the half day (around 4 - 4.5 hr) classes you can pay for a class by sending a check or sending cash via paypal. Let me know at Streamsideflyshop@yahoo.com

Once you pay for the trip it is good for a year or until your oucher expires (Feb - May local rivers are closed). If you have your own group we can set up your own date, let us know what works.

We appreciate your business and look forward to meeting you. Please read the Q and A below.

"Building responsible anglers is what will save our Fly fishing resource"

Questions and Answers:
Is gear provided? If you have a rods/reel set up bring it cause your going to want us to evaluate it and learn on it if it works for the class. If it doesn't work you can use/rent one of ours. You will need a freshwater licence and waders.

I am new is that a problem? No this is a class for learning we get beginners all the time.

My skill level is a little advanced any suggestions? We have added a advanced course on 6/12/11 at 1pm. for people that know how to cast, and have fly fished locally a fair amount. Or you can apply your $60 towards another trip that we offer. Most regular full day guide trips are focused on catching fish with a little less instruction.

When are the classes? The dates are listed below with more to be listed as they fill up. Most of the classes will be held at the Skykomish river (approx. 45 min from seattle). The local rivers don't open to fishing till June. We will start in June and go till the end of August and if we still have more people to get into classes we will start up again in november and go till we are done ending in March of 2012.

I have a buddy that wants in the class, what do I do? Click the link at the top of the page to pay for it and if there is availability on the date sign up online.

What do I need? You will need freshwater fishing licence and you will need waders - We will rent them for $20 unless part of your deal - Contact us - We need to know your date, foot size, height, ect. (chest waders, Gore-tex material preferred and non slip boot soles preferred). Cabelas is a good place to buy them.

Where do we meet? We will meet at a designated riverside location. Itinerary and directions are listed above the sign up sheet.

Will I catch something? Possibly, we will have you fish a little but this trip is set up to teach people. If you just want to catch something that is what a regular guide trip is for.

What do you go over in the class? Each class is a little different, the skill levels are usually all over the board. We will go over quite a few things but the main points are; characteristics of the river, reading water, fish behavior, the right equipment, casting and presentation. We ask each person in the class before we start what they specifically want to learn and try to answer that in the class too.

How big are the group classes? It will vary but most will 6-10 people with up to 3 guides per class.

What kind of boat will you use? We have some trick rafts and drift boats.

What kind of rod should I bring if I have one? A 5-9 wt. rod is good with a 7 to 8 wt. being perfect.

How long have you guys been doing this? Our guide service was started in 1983.

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More dates listed as these fill up

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If you bought the deal through a deal site and didn't want to use it in a group class we would let you use the $60 towards any guide trip or full day school or guide trip but there is a price difference.

Here is our regular season guiding calendar.

Why not just take the fly fishing school from my local fly shop?
Simple answer: Our schools are on the water so you get hands on learning, learn holes and see were to fish.

Fly fishing is like any sport. Learning is in the "doing."

Imagine you are looking to learn to play golf. Instructor says, come spend two nights at our pro shop learning about the gear, and a 1/2 day hitting balls at the driving range.

How close did you come to actually playing Golf at your local golf course?

Most shop schools are 2 nights at the shop (to buy gear) and a 1/2 day out casting on the Duwamish River, (or wherever). Now read our school descriptions.

No wonder over 2000 anglers have taken a school from us over the last 10 years!

Our Fly fishing schools are on the water, comprehensive, full day schools, crammed with information to accomplish one goal, make you a better fly fisher. You should expect a two year apprenticeship in a single day! Read the recommendations and endorsements page for testimonials about our schools and guide trips.

How do I know if I should choose a school or a guide trip?
We get asked this question virtually every day. I answer the question with a question: Are you catching them now? If you are comfortable with your success rate for (steelhead, salmon or trout), then I would recommend the guide trip. Even If you have fished all over the world, but still not catching your target fish (i.e., steelhead), a clinic may be a better choice. An accomplish Bone fisher doesn't make you catch Tarpon. All the trout in the world won't mean much to a steelhead. Different fish, different needs.


1) New to fly fishing: Basic fundamentals in casting & tying knots, playing and landing fish.
Novice Level:

2) Advanced to Intermediate level:
Some level of fly fishing: Comfortable with casting single handed rods and basics described in # 1.Qualify for all but advanced steelhead schools. Most popular. Anglers learn to read the water, and make line presentation, more efficiently. For the guy who wasn't sure if he was doing it right or not. Other reasons; are to learn a new river, more techniques, or simply to meet other steelhead anglers. (Your buddy only wants to fish trout)

3) Full Advanced Angling schools:

Has caught enough steelhead. Comfortable with casting with both single and double-handed rods, but open to new ideas on flies, steelhead behavior, and technique.
Fly fishing & Baseball: Many guys think fly fishing steelhead is about casting a really long line and making a big mend. This is what we call the "fast ball down the middle." Ready to learn to throw and slider and a change-up? We don't teach as much as explore new ideas. Where do you think we have come up with our good flies and lines? Sharing water with our accomplished anglers over the past twenty years!

Custom full day (8am - 3:30 pm) Schools $150 each:
Some guys are more comfortable in a group. Cool - Our standard Fly fishing schools are designed for you. Some guys are looking for more one-on-one. Specific needs, specific goals - Our Custom School is for you - Not included with the Living Social deal.

We now offer custom full day schools from steelhead and salmon to trout, from surface to bottom, for individuals and parties.

Here is how it works.

a) Contact us for a specific time period (unless you have a three party gig, we need 15+ days)

b) Describe your fly fishing trip, angler level, preferred waters, species et.

c) How many in your *party. (We can handle groups to 9 with up to 3 guides)

Our promise:
If you are a single or duo, we promise to only hook you up with angler(s) of similar wants & goals. This clinic is specifically limited to three anglers.

Cost: $150/angler

What happens if Dickson's can't come up with second or third angler?
No sweat. You are only responsible for the anglers you book for.

Do you outfit? Yup, we have everything from top instructors to tippet material. Rods & Flies are available upon request.(Chest waders are not)

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"Building responsible anglers is what will save our Fly fishing resource"


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